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    We have over 13 years of experience providing clients with legal services for WorkSafeBC (WCB) appeals. Together, we can work towards the decision you deserve.

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We’ll guide you through the appeal process – we’re in it together. If your WorkSafeBC (WCB) claim has been denied, we’ll work out your legal options and work quickly (within legal deadlines) to appeal the decision.

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  • “Ms. Sharma resolved my last claim and got my treatment covered. I appreciate her hard work and advocacy on my behalf. I would recommend Ms. Sharma as your advocate if you have a WCB claim.”

    – A. Plumridge

  • “WCB denied my knee injury but Ms. Sharma got it accepted. I can’t thank Ms. Sharma enough for her help regarding my appeal. I recommend Ms. Sharma as she would be my go-to person for WCB claims.”

    – D. English

  • “WCB wouldn’t pay my full wage loss benefits. Ms. Sharma got my appeal accepted and I got further compensation. Thanks to Ms. Sharma, I was able to get as far as I did in the WCB appeal process. I would recommend her to anybody needing help with their WCB claim.”

    – M. Ramos-Rarama

When You Should Hire a WorkSafeBC (WCB) lawyer

If you’ve been denied or the decision does not appropriately address your injuries or losses, we can help.

Once WorkSafeBC has communicated their decision to you, you have a tight timeline within which to appeal this decision. Most decisions from WorkSafeBC require you to request a review within 90 days, however, some must be appealed within 30 days.

This is the ideal time to seek professional advice and speak with a lawyer. We can help you to understand your legal options, and the process of appealing the decision.

Our firm offers a free consultation to assess how we can help you to reach the decision you are entitled to as a result of your injury.

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What to Expect from Your WCB Appeal

Allow us to guide you through each step of the appeal process. If your claim has been denied, we will be with you each step of the way.

Step 1

Free Consultation

Together, we will assess your case and define your legal options to move forward and appeal the decision. We will be able to tell you within the initial consultation whether we will be able to help — and all it takes is half an hour of your time.

Step 2

Review Period 

Once you have retained GKS Law Firm* as your representative, we will order your disclosure file from WCB. In most cases, we will begin the process to request a review of your decision. Once submissions have been sent, the case will be subject to review.

Step 3

The Appeal

If we continue to appeal, the case will be taken to the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal and may require a hearing. We allow you to be as involved as you wish throughout the process, but aim to handle most of the appeal details to provide you with peace of mind as we move towards the final decision. Most WCB appeals take about 12-18 months once you’ve requested a review of the decision letter.

Case Studies

Selected Accomplishments

Case study 1

WCB Appeal
Disability Pension & Vocational Rehabilitation

“In 2012, WCB cut me off of benefits stating that my knee injury had resolved. Ms Sharma represented me in several appeals and wrote letters to WCB on my behalf. Ms. Sharma managed to get my knee injury accepted as permanent, a disability pension, vocational rehabilitation benefits and acceptance of my psychological condition. I am grateful that I had Ms. Sharma to represent me. I would recommend her to anyone with a WCB claim.”

– A. Cruse

Following a fall, our client suffered multiple injuries and a psychological condition as a result. WorkSafeBC had terminated our client’s wage loss benefits after finding her injury was resolved, as well as her psychological condition. If the injuries were not accepted as permanent, she would not have received the proper pensions or benefits.

After several appeals, and at our request to the Board to adjudicate and accept the psychological condition, we were able to work towards the decision our client deserved. The psychological condition was accepted as a permanent condition, the Board granted the worker a permanent partial disability award as well as vocational rehabilitation benefits.


WCB Appeal
Acceptance of Claim

“I was injured at work but WCB denied my claim. I had a history of back problems but was able to work with these previous problems. However, when I injured my back even further at work, I soon became disabled from working. Ms. Sharma represented me in my appeal and at my oral hearing. Due to the efforts of Ms. Sharma, I was able to get my claim accepted. I was glad to have Ms. Sharma on my side. I would recommend her services to others with WCB claims.”

– G. Kumar

Our client had been denied their claim for a back injury arising out of, and in the course of, his employment. With a history of back problems, including two prior back claims which were also denied, we appealed the decision at the Workers’ Compensation Appeal Tribunal.

The appeal was allowed and the claim was accepted. We were able to prove that the injury did arise out of and in the course of his employment.


WCB Appeal
Permanent Partial Disability Award

“WCB initially gave me a pension award of 10% for my total disability. Ms. Sharma handled my appeal and was able to get my WCB pension award increased to 32%. Ms. Sharma helped me with a difficult case and I was very happy with the results. Thanks to Ms. Sharma I was able to get through the appeal process with a successful outcome.”

– J.B.

Our client had been awarded a permanent partial disability award in the amount of 11.2% with 10% of total disability for her psychological condition. The Board however, did not provide her with an award for a ventral hernia.

We made submissions on behalf of our client in support of their appeal. It was concluded that she was entitled to a rating of 30% for her psychological condition, and an additional 2% for her ventral hernia.

* Past results not necessarily indicative of future results and amount received can vary according to individual cases.

“An experienced WCB lawyer by your side – from beginning to end.”

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Once you’ve received your decision letter from WorkSafeBC, you are usually limited to 90 days to request a review of your decision. Meet with an experienced lawyer to better understand your options and the next steps in your appeal. We look forward to hearing from you.

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